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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Let's Get Crafty with Jane Bull!

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I've always been one of those people that enjoys crafty things...though as our kids have come along, I've had less time for my own crafty inventions. :) That said, it has been a lot of fun to discover the kids side of crafts and to enjoy doing projects with my own children...and sometimes, after they are all in bed I will pull out my own project and do some creating of my own. Over the last few years I've found that most of the projects have ended up being something that is FOR our kids...I love seeing them light up at the idea of a new hat, dress, or homemade toy. And well, in my opinion when Mom makes that homemade project for her kid, it's just a little extra special - there's a lot of love that goes into some of these things!

This summer we had a fun and unique opportunity to host the Jane Bull doll! Jane Bull is a fabulous author and crafter who's written several books that are sold at DK Canada. She's always wanted to visit Canada, but just hasn't quite made it over here herself yet, so instead she created the Jane Bull doll and sent her over for a tour of our beautiful country. We got to host this special doll for a weekend and were able to show her a few of the sights and sounds of the prairies. These included an old train station that's been transformed into a beautiful restaurant and visitor centre, a great big grain elevator, and of course, a prairie farm. If you look at the photos in the post, you can see a few of the places she toured with us as!

Now, Jane Bull also has recently written a new craft book called Crafty Dolls! With three little girls in our home, I knew that this book would be a a fun one to own! I'm already dreaming about what kinds of fun, original little dolls I will create and stick in our girls' Christmas stockings this year. The book has MANY fun, unique and easy ideas for crafters to make some of the most adorable dolls. Jane Bull's designs are original, yet can also be customized in almost any way you'd like. There are all kinds of dolls to choose from - knit dolls, tiny dolls that will easily fit into the hand of a child, simple rag dolls and more. Of course, once you get started there's just no stopping as then the doll will need accessories, a change of clothes, etc.

I really appreciate how EASY the directions are to follow in Jane Bull's Crafty Dolls book! Everything is in full color, with clear, easy to follow instructions so that even someone who is a beginner (which would definitely be me for some of the dolls in this book!) can easily follow along and get the project done - and done well.

In addition to Crafty Dolls, Jane has a collection of other books that I'm certain are equally as great. If you're looking for something other than dolls, you might enjoy Crafty Creatures. Or what about some new project ideas for the kids to do on their own during these summer months? Stitch by Stitch or Make it! might be some good titles you'll want to check out for the kids.

DK Canada is featuring Jane Bull's latest book, Crafty Dolls as their weekly special this week! It is available right now for 30% head over and snatch up a copy quick before the sale ends!


Lyn said...

I'm not much of a knitter. Did crochet a large rabbit for the kids a long time ago.

Judy C said...

Looks like a fun book, may have to pick up a copy as a Christmas Present! Thanks for sharing. (Judy Cowan)

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