Glimpse: Dino Dan has Something NEW!!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Dino Dan has Something NEW!!

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Dino Dan was in instant hit in our home - from the moment we put that first DVD in, until now! If you have any imaginative, dinosaur-lovin' children in your home Dino Dan is exactly what you are looking for. Our 7 year old son especially enjoys the adventures of Dino Dan - and even his 3 younger sisters really seem to enjoy the episodes! However, you can really only do so many episodes before you begin to have that 'itch' for something new...something a little different or something with a little bit of different twist. Well, Dino Dan has delivered that this month with their release of Dino Dan Trek's Adventures: Tyrannosaurs Trek.

Trek is Dino Dan's little brother and he has appeared from time to time in previous episodes, but now he is getting much more of a front & center role. Trek learns that he can see dinosaurs just like his older brother Dan! After this fabulous discovery, he is ready to begin his own dino experiments to see what he can learn about the wonderful world of dinosaurs. His first dino experiment is to find out whether the Albertosaurus hunts in packs or on its own. As always, the five episodes on this DVD are a great way to learn more about dinosaurs, to get your imagination running wild, and to just have some fun with Dino Dan and Trek! Trek continues the trend of making it fun to learn about dinosaurs and we think it is a great collection of episodes that we are certainly going to be enjoying time and time again!


Annie1 said...

My grandkids would love this! Thanks for the introduction!


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