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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Calling all Stainbusters!!! CONTEST!!

Are you struggling to get stains out of clothing? The laundry detergent isn't taking everything out, or some of those tough stains like tomato sauce just will NOT be removed. Have you ever tried Oxi-Clean products?

In the past, I've used the Oxi-Clean powder with great success. But I found out about a whole new range of Oxi-Clean products when they contacted me about a contest they're running right now! (see below for more details)

Oxi-Clean sent us a pack of 3 different products to try out. I tried one of them myself, but we found the scent of the products too strong for our liking. I passed them on to a friend of ours to try out, so this is sort of like a "guest review!"

Oxi-Clean MaxForce Power Packs
This is a single dose pre-packed stain remover in a water soluble package. It boosts laundry detergent’s power to help remove more of the toughest stains.

Pros: These are very easy to use - no measuring, no pouring, just slip in a pack along with your detergent and you are done. They are supposed to be suitable for regular and HE washers. It gets out stains fairly well and makes the laundry smell clean.

Cons: Fairly pricey to buy and a very overpowering smell when you first open the package, which gets better with time.

Oxi-Clean MaxForce Gel Stick
This is a pre-treater gel, with an "nubby" applicator tip to help rub the gel in.

Pros: Super easy to use, very user-friendly to just dab on the gel to any stain. Really worked well on all sorts of stains (spaghetti sauce, pen marks, etc)

[Note from Julie: This is the one I tried as well, and the stain came out really well. I also tried it on Daniel's bear, which is very grungy and has been for a while, and the stain was a lot less (it won't ever come out completely, no matter what we do!)]

Cons: I took the lid off quickly and the dabber part of the stick fell out so a huge amount of the gel came pouring out onto my shirt. Luckily nothing was damaged but I "lost" a lot of the gel.

Oxi Clean MaxForce Liqui-Gel
Available in a jug, just like liquid laundry detergent, this gel is also a pre-treater and in-wash booster.

Pros: Awesome with stains - got out some very old set stains. Made whites very nice and white. Good smell.

Cons: The measuring cap is hard to read - maybe the company should try putting the measurements on the outside or in a different colour on the inside.

Oxi-Clean has a great contest on right now!
"OxiClean’s newly-launched stainbusting site is inviting people to submit their best stainbusting stories for a chance to win a brand new LG Steam Front Load Washer and Dryer! To enter, you need to visit, and tell us how with the help of OxiClean, you were able to get that nasty stain out. Be sure to include all the messy details!"
This contest is open to Canadian residents only (except Quebec) and runs until November 15, 2010. Read the complete contest rules for more details.


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